These restaurants are not to be missed in Negril

Murphy’s West End Restaurant

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Murphy’s is a simple beach hut serving spectacular breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You’ll enjoy homemade food and filling portions, for a very reasonable price. Hammocks hang under the thatched roof seating area, making it the perfect spot to hang out with friends while sipping ice cold Red Stripe and listening to reggae. Have their jerk chicken served with rice and peas and fried plantains for a taste of a Jamaican classic. If you go once, you’ll be sure to go back just to hang out with the friendly hosts.

Murphy’s West End Restaurant, West End Road, Negril, Jamaica, +1(876) 367-0475

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio

Hidden away in the mountains, just outside of Negril, Zimbali’s offers a welcomed change from the hot, bustling beach scene. The restaurant is part of the small hotel, Zimbali Retreats, which believes in holistic, authentic, cultural experiences that will get you closer to nature and feeling completely rejuvenated at the end of your visit. The restaurant offers a creative, primarily vegetarian menu created from the freshest ingredients, grown on the property’s own organic farm. They invite guests to tour the farm before or after their meals, allowing you to see how they are able to sustainably operate the retreat all year round. They pride themselves on happily catering to anyone with special dietary needs, including vegans and people on gluten-free diets.

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio, Zimbali Retreats, Canaan Mountain, Little London, Westmoreland, Negril, Jamaica, +1(876)252-3232

3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar

At 3 Dives, you’ll be dining cliff side while enjoying some of the best jerk in Negril. It is neither fancy nor fast, but it’s a relaxed environment where food is to be relished and enjoyed to the fullest. Their jerk comes with a homemade ‘granny’ sauce that is so good, many visitors take bottles of it home. Every year the restaurant hosts a Jerk Festival, inviting locals and tourists to come enjoy good music, excellent food and good irie vibes. Summer months are lobster season in Jamaica, and you won’t want to miss the grilled lobster at 3 Dives. Make sure to get an extra helping of granny sauce too.

3 Dives Restaurant and Cliff Bar, West End Road, West End, Negril, Jamaica, +1(876) 782-9990

Rockhouse Restaurant

Negril’s coastal geography offers both white sand beaches and rocky limestone cliffs. The restaurant, located at the Rockhouse Hotel, rests between picturesque cliffs and an oasis of lush tropical vegetation. You’ll have panoramic views of the cerulean blue ocean while dining on an island inspired menu that highlights the best of Caribbean cuisine. The fresh, seasonal ingredients used in the restaurant are sourced from the hotel’s organic garden located on the property. Arrive for an early dinner and you’ll have front row seats to one of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet. The stunning setting is perfect for intimate, romantic dinners.

Rockhouse Restaurant, Rockhouse Hotel, West End Rd, Negril, Jamaica, +1(876) 957-4373

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How do you buy the best Pots and Pans?

Do you ever wonder why your pans break after a few months of simple usage? Have you ever thought how should look for the best pot and pan to buy or any other utensil that can last you at least for the amount of money you paid for it? Well, there’s a strategy! Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some war where you win only with a good plan, the strategy is some basic things you should look out for whenever you buy anything. They are very handy in case you don’t have a bag full of money, as they will certainly save your time and your money.

good cookware

The first thing is to check the grade. Whenever you like a pot or pan, turn it upside down and look at its base. There will be a number which signifies its grade. The grade of a utensil indicates its quality and hardness. A higher grade means more durability. The most common is 315, but check others like 320 if they are in the same price range. Remember, grades are only for stainless steel, aluminum and carbon utensils don’t have any.

The second thing to keep an eagle’s eye out for is the reactivity. This topic is taught very rarely by vendors and chefs. All the materials which make a pot or pan are reactive with a certain type of food. For example, Aluminum is reactive with tomatoes. So, research the internet and get a utensil which is suitable for the type of food you cook. Stainless steel is not reactive to any type of food material, so it is the best choice in this regard.

The third thing is to look for utensils you can care for. If you are a full-time worker or a student who lives alone, you need pots that don’t require much time to clean, as you don’t want to spend half an hour scrubbing the bottom of your pan. Stainless steel is again the winner in this situation, as food sticks on carbon very easily, while aluminum gets burnt fairly quickly. If, however, you are a part-timer or a house wife, getting carbon utensils is best for you, as they are durable and are not reactive to many types of food. Stainless steel is good, but won’t last you long.

The foremost thing to look out for is the durability. This one is the base of our whole article. The higher the durability, the more you have to spend on getting one, but will also save money as getting an expensive one is better than getting tons of cheap knock offs. The best in terms of durability is carbon, as it is coated with a thick layer of multiple metals.

That’s all! Now put the information you learned to good use. Whenever you go to the market, check the above things, and if the thing you like and want passes all of them, just go with it!